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Sports Bar
Indoor Sports Complex - 150,000 square feet.       LOCATIONS - kingSPORT, Tennessee
12 Tennis Courts     16 Pickleball Courts
10 High School Basketball Courts    
5 Collegiate Basketball Courts
ood Court & Concessions     12 VIP Suite Boxs  4 Flex Rooms
4 Multipurpose Room   16 Screen Video Wall   12 Climbing Walls  6 Minigolf Courses   1 Bowling & Game Venue.
2,500 Spectator Seating  Mezzanine Viewing Area
*Specifcations subject to change
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                                           Board Members:
GaryReason1 Richard Smith, Retired FELCOR Lodging, CEO - Dallas,Texas.
 Gary Reasons, Ex-NFL Giants, 2 times Super Bowler, and   College Football Hall of Famer - Plano,Texas.
 Bradley Pierce, Bradley jeans, CEO  Knoxville, Tennessee.
 Rocky Stephens, Curious Dawg, CEO - Knoxville,   Tennessee
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